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Compare and contrast essay topics for high school

This type of compare and contrast essays can also be used for high school as well. This is why you always need to find out the best possible topics, and this can eat up quite a lot of your time, since these topics are hard to come by. Remember that only with the best thesis writing service topics you will be able to gather up theimpressive results that you want, so do try and use one of the topics listed below if you want to get an amazing compare and contrast essay.

  • Dogs versus cats 
  • Blue versus green 
  • Rugby versus football 
  • Credit cards versus cash 
  • Europe versus Asia 
  • Marvel versus DC Comics 
  • Shaggy versus Fred 
  • Rock versus pop 
  • Arsenal versus Real Madrid 
  • The US constitution versus articles of the confederations 
  • Apache Indians versus Wild West 
  • Queen Elisabeth versus Henry VIII 
  • Bonds versus stocks 
  • Oligopolies versus monopolies 
  • Capitalism versus socialism 
  • Oceans or lakes 
  • Octopus or squids 
  • Reptiles or mammals 
  • Solar power or nuclear power 
  • Wales or sharks Friends versus enemies 
  • Act or lie 
  • Confusion versus fear 
  • School or vacation 
  • Mowgli versus Tarzan 
  • Music versus books 
  • Birds and bees 
  • Typing or handwriting 
  • Salt and sugar 
  • Apples or tomatoes 
  • Mountains or volcanoes 
  • Paintings or photos 
  • Lightning or rainbows 
  • Newspapers or Twitter 
  • Civil union or marriage 
  • Lord of the rings or Harry Potter 
  • Obesity or anorexia 
  • Study or party 
  • Moon Walk and normal walk 
  • Class discussion or Facebook comments 
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